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Win big prize money by becoming a lottery member!

For just £1 per week, you can now win a weekly jackpot of £1,000 plus other cash prizes of two prizes of £50, four prizes of £25, twenty prizes of £10, thirty prizes of £5, £75, £100 and £150.

You also get two draws for the price of one with the goalden gate superdraw with the birthday accumulator jackpot where the prize starts at £100. If the randomly selected selected birth date (e.g 27/12/65) has not been selected by a paying member then the prize increases by £100 each week until it has been won.

To join, just contact

You can also pay by cheque - £26 half-yearly or £52 annually. All cheques are payable to superdraw. We will then contact you when your subscription is next due. 

We can collect fortnightly or monthly from your home address if you are within our existing collection areas.  

Just complete the section for the payment suitable for you. 

Earn extra cash by becoming a GoaldenGate Superdraw Agent

Our GoaldenGate superdraw agents are now earning extra cash by either collecting lottery subscription or recruiting family, friends and/or work colleagues to the new lottery. 

As well as being paid good commission for collecting members weekly subscriptions, our agents are being paid £6 for signing a new member paying by standing order and £3 for signing up a member who pays by cash or cheque. 

Our agents will also receive 10% of any cash prize of £50 and above won by a member that they collect from. Last season, one of our agents received £80 as one of their members won £800 on the birthday accumulator jackpot. 

If you would like to earn some extra cash by either collect existing lottery members weekly subscriptions, or think you could sign up new members, please call the Lottery office on 01935 423662 or email