3rd February 2024

After a number of brand consultation meetings, Yeovil Town Football Club is proud to unveil our dynamic new badge which will be used from next season onwards.

Our new identity is a symbol that not only pays homage to our rich footballing tradition but also honours the storied glove-making heritage of our beloved town. Emblazoned with iconic gloves, this emblem serves as a powerful tribute to our community’s history and identity.

The inclusion of gloves in our new badge holds deep significance for Yeovil Town and our supporters. As the birthplace of the glove-making industry in the United Kingdom, Yeovil has long been synonymous with craftsmanship, innovation, and resilience. The gloves featured in our badge stand as a tribute to the skilled artisans and dedicated workers who have shaped our town’s legacy.

Moreover, the gloves hold a special place in the hearts of Yeovil Town fans, earning us the affectionate nickname “The Glovers.” This moniker not only reflects our town’s heritage but also embodies the spirit of teamwork, unity, and determination that defines our club.

At the heart of the new badge lies a tribute to the club’s founding year, 1895, encapsulating the traditional values of football that have guided Yeovil Town throughout its illustrious history. This inclusion serves as a proud reminder of the club’s enduring legacy in the world of football, honouring the pioneering spirit of its founders and the dedication of all those who have contributed to its success.

In designing our new badge, we sought to capture the essence of both our footballing tradition and our town’s proud history. The gloves and the ball serve as a powerful symbol of our identity, uniting past and present in a dynamic emblem that resonates with supporters young and old.

Together, as Glovers, we march forward with determination, unity, and pride, guided by the spirit of our town’s heritage and the passion of our supporters. With our new badge leading the way, the future of Yeovil Town Football Club is as bright and promising as ever.