12th March 2022

Due to a temporary print deadline, we weren’t able to get Darren Sarll’s programme notes in the printed copy of this weekend’s programme, however it can be read for free below.

This week’s full programme includes a feature on International Women’s Day/#HerGameToo, the low-down on Grimsby and much more!

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Good afternoon and welcome to Paul, his team & staff and all in attendance at Huish Park                              

We go into this game off the back of some of the best and most focused training we’ve had all season, the players have responded – as always – very weel to what was a really poor performance Tuesday night and they are ready to fly out of the traps.

Sure, some looked tired, some looked off the pace but this was something I had predicted and tried to solve a few weeks back. We’ve played at such a tempo this season and this was always in the back of my mind that the lack of seasoned players would eventually take its toll. Let’s take Charlie Wakefield, a magnificent performer for us all year and one of the first names on the team sheet. However, Charlie has played a thousand more minutes this season than in the last five years… combined. He has put his body very much of the line each and every week and through this commitment he has really turned his career round.

That’s been the highlight right? A young group showing individual and collective desire and ambition to be better, play higher and achieve success. There were some strong words exchanged Tuesday night between the group as Charlie and I watched on. They definitely care deeply for this Football Club.

Paul and his Grimsby team know too well the struggle that exists in this division and we will face a team well prepared for the battle ahead. We’ve done out best to recharge the batteries whilst resetting our goals and objectives and I am positive that the response will be strong and very assertive. It’s been a tough season and these last months will be what we can make of it and try we shall. 

This team has a really wonderful long term feel to it and I hope we can build on its young, exciting foundations for seasons to come. There’s a winning team there I am 100% sure of it. After seeing promotions up close the attitude is very similar, the physical capabilities are there, now it’s the substance and resilience through learning that takes us another stride forward.

Thanks again in advance for your wonderful support. Nothing more excites us than sharing wins with you and we will do our best to share another today.

Onwards and upwards,