24th April 2022

Good morning, YTFC Supporters.
It is disappointing that I’m writing to you the day after an exhilarating performance and fantastic result from Charlie and the boys, but I would like to clear up a few things.
It is being reported that I am dismissing supporter unrest and not prepared to discuss the club’s current position and future. This is completely untrue.
My public silence and lack of attendances at games over the last few months has been to respect the process of a proposed takeover, a takeover that has been made very public by the Glovers Trust.  I have given the process nine months to allow parties to get themselves in a position to complete, without success.
Since the open letter by the Gloverscast, I spoke to Ian Perkins for an hour and have agreed to do his podcast. I also regularly speak to Rich Rendell regarding club affairs.  
Before yesterday’s game, I reached out to BBC Somerset and invited them to an interview, to show a willingness to be transparent. I flew over yesterday but unfortunately they cancelled. Ian Welch and Sam Collard stepped in so I could address the 100 or so supporters in attendance.
I discussed how I am putting a new board together, a board where I would not necessarily be Chairman going into next season. That the ownership structure of the club would change to create a more collective and shared thinking approach. Those discussions have included key supporters of the club and prominent business people who want to be involved in delivering a long term plan for YTFC.
I also confirmed to supporters that I have been communicating with players and their representatives regarding player contract extensions. I have also scheduled interviews with our shortlist for the first team manager position, as it is crucial to have the right person in place going into the close season to fully maximise our player recruitment.
Over the next day or so, videos from the discussion in the Alec Stock will be released and I will be reaching out to member groups of the Supporter’s Alliance, including the Glovers Trust, to discuss concerns and ways of building a better communication with supporters.
While I understand the frustrations of those unhappy at yesterday’s game, there is a lot of misinformation on social media. I hope supporters can understand that I am not always in a position to refute online claims. Historically I have found my attempt to correct those claims has often led to further negativity and not as productive as I would have liked, which is my prime reason for silence.
I do believe it is underestimated how difficult it has been to guide this club through the pandemic. It has been a truly horrific couple of years to own a football club, or any business for that matter.
I love this club and am so grateful to my staff and players for getting on with the job through what has been a challenging time for everyone.  I really do understand supporters concerns when there has been so much uncertainty around financial stability and a drawn out takeover saga.  However, I have been and continue to be the prime investor in this club because I want to see it succeed. Nevertheless, I give you my assurances that over the remaining weeks of the season and into the close season that communication will improve.