25th December 2021

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day with your families and friends. Today of all days we should be grateful for, with an unpredictable climate out there the chance to spend time with those you cherish the most takes on even greater importance. 

We of course have a huge game tomorrow and we have to all remain professional to ensure performances can reflect that mindset and discipline. However, we should not deny anyone – professional footballer or not – the chance to relax and unwind even if it’s momentary with their families. 

We all know the importance of every three points and how hard it is to earn but also these games have been entertaining for each club to say the least and we have to attack it with the same gusto as I believe we have all season. Yes, I know the cynics will say we haven’t, but believe you me those challenging months are the foundations that allow any team to turn left or RIGHT! This group of young people have reinvigorated the club, you the supporters and myself. I am grateful for them and their commitment to our wonderful club. Even if ‘to you’ the future can seem uncertain we can all enjoy the moment we are in and enjoy the collaborative way we’ve all won together recently. And I do mean it when I refer to it being a collaborative effort. Your effort has also created an energy and anticipation that we now are thriving off and if it wasn’t for you we would not have progressed as quickly. The support away from home – Tuesday nights at Bromley and Wrexham to name just a couple – has been amazing and those efforts again were rewarded both on and off the pitch. Thank you again. 

Please do not forget how lucky we are to interact again! Last season without supporters was the worst, soulless and unemotional. It also made anything make sense from watching it on stream. To have everyone back has been the highlight of the season and will do so for me anyway until the last game. 

In closing, have a great day, spend time with those you love and do not take for granted the riches that are afforded to us. Please stay safe tomorrow, sing as loud as possible, make it a home game for Yeovil and stay with us through the marathon that is a football season.

Onwards and upwards