11th May 2020

The Green and White army has once again shown they are amongst the best fans in the land with the club’s Crowdfunder page hitting £10,000 less than 4 days after its launch.

As of 11am, 165 people have donated or bought packages via the page and the campaign has been boosted by donations which underline the ‘Achieve by Unity’ ethos – with good examples being from first team Manager Darren Sarll, Supporter Alliance Chairman Rich Rendell, Paul Hadlow of Green and White Supporters Club, well known club volunteer Pat Custard and YTFC COO David Mills. This highest contribution to date is £500 from Steve Keohane, but contributions of all amounts are welcome as although packages start at £25 fans can donate any sum (and can contribute anonymously if desired).

The Glovers Trust has also launched a separate Crowdfunder which aims to raise £5,000 from Trust members. This currently stands at just over £1,000 and all monies raised from this will be used to buy packages from the club’s Crowdfunder.

Commenting on the success of the club Crowdfunder project to date – Club Chairman Scott Priestnall said; “To reach £10,000 in just 4 days is amazing and a much better start than we expected. We are tremendously thankful for our fans support in this campaign – their support in these tough times will not be forgotten.

“What is even better is that 10% of all monies raised will go to the Yeovil Hospital Charity so as well as helping the club fans are helping a really good cause.”

Sarah Cherry of Yeovil Hospital Charity said; “Thank you so much to Yeovil Town Football Club for supporting Yeovil Hospital Charity via their crowdfunding page. To hear they have already raised £1,000 in four days for Yeovil Hospital Charity is just incredible.

“Thank you everyone who has supported Yeovil Town Football Club and enabled this amount to be raised so far. We are so grateful to the community for rallying behind Yeovil Hospital and supporting our fantastic staff at this challenging time.”

In addition to donations made, the initial response to the range of special packages on offer for next season via the Crowdfunder page has also exceeded the club’s ambitions for this early stage. Commenting Scott said; “The opportunities to be in our 2020/21 team photo sold out within 24 hours and we very much hope that some of the other options such as being my guest as a Director for the day at home and away matches will capture fans imagination to a similar degree. There are many packages available for most pockets”.

Commenting specifically on fans generosity in these tough times Scott said; “This response speaks volumes of the character of our supporters as money is tighter than normal at the moment. Since we took over the club in late September we have invested significant funds in the 100,000’s into the club so it is tremendously reassuring to see that when the club does need an extra boost from fans where needed, the Green & White army stand up to be counted. Other clubs like Notts County and Plymouth Argyle have run very similar Crowdfunder exercises recently and even at this early stage its plain to see that our version will be equally successful”

The club Crowdfunder page can be found at: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/yeoviltown

The club’s current situation in respect of the playoffs, club operations and ticketing all remain as detailed in the club statement of May 4th which can be found here: