5th December 2016
Helliar & Son Professional Cleaning Services were approached by the club to carry out the work and have started the process of cleaning the cladding on the outside of the stadium after reaching an agreement.
Stadium manager James Hillier said: “We looked closely at the comments made regarding the appearance of the stadium, and whilst some improvements will require financial investment, we were keen to make the changes we could quickly. 
“There are several other areas around the site targeted for further improvement, but in the meantime we are pleased with the work being carried out by Helliar & Sons at relatively short notice after our Commercial Manager, Dave Linney, contacted them.” 
With over a thousand comments made by supporters in the recent matchday experience survey, the club are finalising outcomes of the survey which will be released to the fanbase shortly. 
All comments have been considered and discussed amongst the relative departments with both short-term and long-term solutions to be released. With transparency raised as an issue amongst some supporters, reasons for any improvements that can’t be made will also be conveyed. 
The club would like to thank Helliar & Sons for their service.