4th October 2017

Here are his answers to some of your questions. The best appeared in the Colchester United Green&White edition.

Ben McCartney
Can you please tell us your nickname, so we can get the chants ready?

MW: At Bournemouth my nickname is Worthy which is obviously just short for Worthington.

Ollie Marsh
Would you rather be 4ft or 8ft?

MW: In football, I’d prefer to be 4ft because if you’re 8ft football you’re too big – too tall. Outside football I’d choose to be 8ft but I’d want to be a muscly 8ft, not skinny!

Davey Jones Jr
Are there similarities between the management at Yeovil and Bournemouth?

MW: Definitely. They’re both young managers and both have a similar way of thinking. They both like to play.

Ash Powell
We haven’t seen much of you yet. How would you describe your style?

MW: I’m aggressive, a good passer of the ball and energetic.

Jordan Tucker
If you could be in a TV Show which one would it be? 

MW: The Inbetweeners. I’d be Jay!

Imogen Pyke
What are you scared of? 

MW: I’m scared of snakes and spiders. I’m not a fan of them.

Alex Locke
Who do you look up to in the Premier League?

MW: I would say Harry Arter from Bournemouth. Obviously we had Jack WIlshere too and he was a brilliant person to look up to and take things off.

Ben Williams
Where do you hope to be in five years time?

MW: Playing regular first team football, whether that’s Premier League or League Two, League One.

Andy Pritchard
Are you a Bournemouth fan? How proud were you to make your debut last year?

MW: I am a Bournemouth fan and it was an unbelievable moment especially at my age. As a young player it was a dream to make my Premier League debut.