18th July 2019

The newly appointed manager has brought in six new players so far ahead of the 2019/20 campaign, with his squad still taking shape.

After adding Tom Bradbury to the ranks last week as his latest recruit, the 38-year-old has sent several offers out to identified targets. 

Speaking to YTTV, he said: “All I’m trying to do at the moment is to spin as many plates as we can before they drop. When they drop, you’ve got to be hopefully quick enough to catch them and get the best plate that you can that drops off that spike. That’s really the process.

“We’ve got five or six contractual offers out in the last sort of 48 hours, especially in midfield, especially at centre-forward, and we’ll see what drops. We are in the fifth division now. This is what people have to really embrace and get on board with. We are a National League club and the first thing that good players want to do is to be playing in the Football League.

“It’s making sure that we’re patient and we get it right. We have to get this right. It’s so important. I want to make sure that we’ve got the right group of players for the right game. I’ve got to build a different team to compete in the National League than I have in the Championship.

“We’ve got to build a team that’s going to keep 70 percent of the ball in possession, or you’ve got to have big strong men that are going to dig us out of this. That still remains. We’ve got it right so far, and we need to continue getting it right.”