11th September 2018

Opening from 1.30pm, the station for Town fans will be located in Rodney’s Bar (the dedicated bar for away fans) and will be open through until kick-off.

The process of signing up as a donor will take less than five minutes and the swabbing will take just seconds.  That’s just five minutes to find out if you can save a special little boy’s life.

Marrow for Marley is a campaign set up in aid of six-year old Marley Nicholls who has recently been diagnosed with a rare condition called Aplastic Anaemia. The disease only affects around 1 in 40 children in the UK and without a bone marrow transplant, the condition will be fatal within a few years.

Marley is a very special, fun-loving little boy and has captured the hearts of everyone who’s been touched by his story. This is obvious from the fact people have flocked in their thousands to be swabbed in the hope that they are a potential donor. 

On Saturday, Marrow for Marley will be welcoming anyone aged 17-55 to be tested to see if they are Marley’s match (please note that people with certain autoimmune and blood diseases are not able to be donors – information about this can be found online).

Marley and younger brother George will be joining the Club as special guests on Saturday and will be walking out with the team.

The Glovers will also be donating a signed Gary Warren shirt to Marley and his family on the day to be auctioned off to support their campaign.

To find out more about Marley and to follow the progress of the campaign follow Marrow for Marley on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note, anyone who registers to become a bone marrow donor will have their details stored on a worldwide database for 30 years.