1st June 2018

The survey, which received more than 33,000 responses in less than two weeks, is part of the recently launched ‘Stand up for Choice’ campaign, which is being run in conjunction with the Football Supporters’ Federation and is specifically designed to fully understand the views of fans of EFL Clubs.

The consensus amongst supporters could not be clearer, with the overwhelming majority believing that Clubs should be able to provide fans with a choice between standing and being seated at EFL matches.

The survey, which has received the highest number of responses for any EFL led campaign, also revealed:

  • Over two-thirds (69%) of responders indicated that they would prefer to stand, compared to less than a quarter (22%) who claimed a preference for seating;

  • Standing has also shown to be more popular with younger fans with the highest supporting demographic coming in the 18-34 age groups;

  • There is a high demand for the choice to stand across all three divisions, with 94% of Championship supporters and 92% of League One and League Two supporters all in support;

  • Nearly half (47%) of all fans said they would attend more games if licensed standing was available;

  • There is no material difference between the responses compiled from supporters of the 21 EFL Clubs who currently offer standing accommodation compared to supporters of Clubs who don’t. 

The full results of the survey and comments from EFL Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey, can be found by clicking HERE.