1st May 2014

Day three Nottingham to Stratford-on-Avon.

As forecast and expected by most, it rained really hard today, once before lunch and another downpour after. Our lunchtime feast of jacket potatoes and a welcome cup of hot tea was hosted by the Queen’s Head in Meridan – their normal lunchtime trade shot to pieces by a tribe of hungry Glovers. We all pushed on through the rest of the day, sore legs, (and other parts) plus the odd hangover and buckled front wheel didn’t deter anybody from reaching their goal – a hot bath in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Having strained my thigh muscles on Tuesday, the last two days have been a pleasure to cruise along at a nice steady pace. I seem to have adopted the role as ‘rear gunner’ marshalling and helping my fellow group 4 team mates and new found friends to complete the days challenge. What it has also done is given me the opportunity to reflect, to understand the characters and to appreciate why people have taken on this challenge.

Today has been more than challenging for a couple in the group, low energy, sickness, blood sugar levels too low, plus general fatigue, but at the back of the group I overheard somebody say "my legs are cold and wet" to which I heard a reply of "better cold and wet legs than no legs at all", the spirit in the camp is great and this helps everybody through the tough times. For me, this has always been about those less fortunate than ourselves, those that collectively we can make a difference for, so on to Bath tomorrow and a guest appearance for dinner.

I would like to take this opportunity to give huge respect to those who have tirelessly worked to make this event happen – a massive thank you.

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