30th April 2014
Day 2 came and went in around 6 hours in the saddle. A broken chain, along with a couple of other technical issues, meant he morning wasn’t as smooth as it might have been but spirits and camaraderie have grown every mile. Today was the grand unveiling of the Pistol Knights team shirt day. Riding through a variety of northern towns certainly raised a few laughs but the loss of Glen’s faulty horn meant that we were not leaving the mark of the group that was so well received yesterday. Thanks to the organisation of EventsCrew I’m happy to report that the horn will be sounded to the people from Nottingham through to Stratford upon Avon have a treat in store tomorrow! 
We started with 64 riders and, thus far, we still have them all. 5 groups, learning about each other, helping each other and becoming part of 5 great teams is great to see. It’s exactly what this ride is all about.
Tomorrow’s weather will be the biggest test so far. But Friday and Saturday look better so I’m sure we’ll survive.
One final note is for Elvis and the Fatboys in Group 5 – A great team, full of laughter and fun. Potential Pistol Knights of the future!
Please keep donating and supporting the charities. We’re doing things that the people these charities would happily trade places for! Back from Boro is alive and kicking!
See you on Saturday
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