13th May 2023

It is my greatest honour to announce that Hellier Group have secured the majority shareholding of Yeovil Town Football Club, Yeovil Town Holdings, and the buy-back rights to the stadium and surrounding land, which we intend to reunite with the trading business in the months to come.

As local owners, our hearts are rooted in the wellbeing and progression of our community, and we pledge to every fan, our intentions to form one entity, one club, one community, and to finally, ‘Achieve by Unity’.

This has been a long and stressful process, I have been passionate about my beliefs and feelings because I deeply care about this club.

This has not been a transaction for financial gain, it has involved a vast amount of time and effort to arrange, it is because I have the very best interests of this football club at heart.

I would like to thank the endless patience of the fans, players and the loving support of my family, as well as the tireless efforts of professionals around me, that have dedicated their time and efforts to securing what has been an exhausting process, the outcome of which is immeasurable in terms of unifying the hearts and minds of all that love this club.

Please allow us to catch our breath, steady the ship, and bring stability, we have a very arduous task ahead of us, but one which we whole-heartedly embrace. I look forward to working closely with Mark Cooper and Josh Staunton who I know share my belief that Yeovil Town can return to brighter times.

We ask that you invest your hearts and minds in supporting what is now our truly locally-owned, community asset, and lets collectively focus our ambitions in the progression of Yeovil Town Football Club. For too long, our fan-base has been divided, I would ask that this comes to an end.

Following this week’s Glovers’ Trust Meeting, I look forward to working closely with the trust(s) / the newly formed ‘Save Our Club’ group and show that the club has, as of today, been saved.

I look forward to a bright and successful future for the club. I am very excited for us all to take this journey together.


Martin Hellier

Up the Glovers!