21st January 2018

With ticket prices and sales procedure announced, fans are asking various questions about which category they fall into.

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions to aid supporters:

If I have four Young Person tokens, does that equal one adult Manchester United ticket as there is no Young Person price banding for the game?
Yes. Any Young Person tokens or season tickets translate into an adult ticket for the Manchester United match.

Do away ticket stubs count?
Away ticket stubs do not count.

I have three tokens. Can I buy a ticket for the Chesterfield match on January 20th to use as a fourth token?
No, the four tokens required for priority two tickets must be from matches that have already taken place. 

Can I use tokens from last season?
No, any ticket tokens must be from this season.

I attended four matches but no longer have the tokens. Can I still get a ticket?
No, you need to have the tokens in your possession to claim a ticket.

I have four tokens, but can I buy a ticket over the phone?
Those able to get to Huish Park are asked to attend in person. If unable to attend, please ask a family member of friend to redeem on your behalf.

What if I have proof of purchase for four matches but not the tokens?
We cannot accept anything other than the tokens to avoid the duplication of tokens to claim tickets.

After season ticket holders have bought their seat, can they purchase any type of ticket as their plus one? 
Yes, season ticket holders can buy any type of ticket with their additional allocation – for example, a junior season ticket holder can buy their own junior seat plus one adult ticket.

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy as a token holder if I have more than one set of tokens?
No, you can buy as many tickets as you like, given you have four valid tokens for each ticket.

If my tokens are from different stands, does that still qualify?
Yes, that still counts. Plus, a ticket can be purchased for any stand regardless of where the tokens state. 

I have four tokens, how long do I have to buy my ticket?
Ticket sales for token holders begins from Tuesday 16th January. You will be able to purchase tickets up until the point they sell out. 

I qualify for Priority Three/Four tickets, will they reach general sale?
Availability for Priority Three or Four tickets is subject to availability and YTFC make no guarantees tickets will remain available.

I have more than one token from the Chesterfield match. Can I buy more than one Manchester United ticket with them?
Yes, there’s no limit on the purchasable number of FA Cup tickets given the correct number of Chesterfield tokens are present.