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LOTTERY | Week 1-3

Lottery results are in...

17 February 2021

 Week One

1ST  PRIZES     AG3725            MR J  WHITE               SHERBORNE,    WINNING  £100


2ND   PRIZES      AF8743             MR  A PENNY              SHREBORNE      WINNING   £50


3RD     PRIZES       AG2740            MR G FINCH                YEOVIL               WINNING  £25


Week Two


1st     MR CLIVE CHARLES           WINNER                       YEOVIL. £100  


2ND  MRS CHRISTINE  RUDD      WINNER                       YEOVIL £50    


3RD   MRS BEV HERRIDGE         WINNER                        FROME   £25    


Week Three 


1ST       winning  NO AG8983             MRS W PARSONS                      WEST CHINNOCK,    £100


2ND       WINNING NO AH6909       MRS BETTY WELLMAN            CREWKERNE,   £50


3RD      WINNING  NO AH 0762       MR OLIVER DOWDING             SHEPTON MONTAGUE,     £25

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